Kitchen Korner: The art of a local burger

For Bullfrog Brewery, a local burger is the best burger.

A staple of the downtown Williamsport pub scene since 1996, the green frog touting eatery works to use local ingredients whenever possible.

For this month’s Kitchen Korner episode, Bullfrog’s burger is on the menu.

“Start out with the best ingredients you can,” is Bullfrog owner Steve Koch’s first tip.

The burger is filled with beef from Misty Mountain Farm, in Gamble Township, a ripe tomato slice from Tewksbury Grace Farm, in Muncy, and greens from Beech Grove Farm in Trout Run.

Supporting other local businesses is important to investing in the community, Koch said. But when it comes to food, shopping local means putting the taste of the region on the table.

“It’s important to use local in every way we can,” he said. “Working with the local farmers gives us one step ahead. We do our best to utilize everything the community has to offer.”


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