Jumping Over the Edge of Williamsport’s tallest building

Each year the Over the Edge group comes to Williamsport to partner with area non-profits and raise funds for the Williamsport community. 

Until this year, the fundraiser sent participants rappelling off the side of the Hepburn Highrise, but now the program has moved to the Genetti, Williamsport tallest building. 

“The true meaning of it and where the funds are going is ultimately what’s most important,” said Erin Scholl, advocacy and prevention supervisor at the YMCA. 

To rappel off the building, participants raise at least $1,000 in funds that are used to help low-income individuals in Williamsport. 

The Williamsport Area School District, the Williamsport YMCA and the Northcentral YWCA organize the event each year. 

Raising $1,000 can help feed a person for 30 days and get them enrolled in a community program, Scholl said. 

“Dollars raised are helping out a lot of people in our community,” she said. 


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