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How It’s Done: Creating homemade soap

By On the PULSE | March 26, 2021

Episode 3 of On the PULSE’s How It’s Done series is all about homemade soap! Nestled away in the woods outside of Trout Run, Pennsylvania, Sharon DiMichele’s homemade soap shop churns out bars of natural soap with soothing fragrances. Watch this video to find out how she makes her soap. Author On the PULSE On…

How It’s Done: From sunflower seeds to cooking oil

By On the PULSE | February 26, 2021

No kitchen would be complete without a healthy supply of cooking oil. Did you know this oil first started in a field? On the PULSE joined Susquehanna Mills to find out how to turn a Sunflower seed into cooking oil. This is the second episode in our six-part series to find out how local businesses…

How It’s Done: The Wonders of Water Treatment in Central Pennsylvania

By On the PULSE | January 23, 2021

From mountain reservoirs to kitchen sinks water runs through our community with subtle precision. But how does it get to us? And what happens to it on its journey past the drain? Author On the PULSE On the PULSE is an online media outlet in Northcentral, Pennsylvania. We specialize in in-depth journalism, human interest content…

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