Poems of a Recovering Addict: Merely a distraction

For so long, drinking and using was the only solution I had to all of my problems. It provided me with a temporary relief from the pain, grief and shame I hated so much to feel. Eventually my life became completely unmanageable trying to maintain my addiction. And still the only solution I could come up with was more alcohol and more drugs to distract myself from the prison I created. 

And that’s all my addiction was. Merely a distraction. Not a solution. Today I have found a solution that I can live in daily. And it’s so much better than living in that daily distraction. 

In my life

I remain stagnant.

Because I am afraid to move forward 

That’s the way I choose to have it.

In my addiction, thus far,

I have decided to stay.

Because avoiding my problems 

Has been the easiest way.

To ensure my feelings 

I do not have to feel,

And pretend the issues of life

Aren’t actually real.