Lycoming County facility dog Jedi celebrates 4th birthday

WILLIAMSPORT – It’s been almost two years since Jedi moved into the Lycoming County Courthouse, but it seems like he’s always been here, says county Judge Joy McCoy. 

McCoy was a champion of bringing Jedi to the courthouse as it’s facility dog. He now serves, and lives, with Jerri Rook, McCoy’s executive secretary who also serves as Jedi’s handler.

Today, Dec. 18, is Jedi’s 4th birthday and courthouse staff, visitors and friends showed up to make him a card, eat cupcakes and pet the pooch. 

Jedi is a familiar face to most of the courthouse’s staff and visitors. He provides a calming presence for victims in the courtroom and to children as they testify or wait for their parents. 

Rook and McCoy plan to keep him in the courthouse for the next 10 years until McCoy’s next term is up. He can often be seen walking the halls or trotting around the block with Rook.

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