South Side training helps officers plan for the worst

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT – Practice makes perfect – or in this case, training hones tactics. 

The South Williamsport Police Department uses a number of training scenarios to keep its officers alert for the worst scenarios they may face in the field.

“When we add stress to training it makes it more realistic and it enoculates us to stressful situations we’ll face out in the field,” said South Side Officer, and instructor, Michael Samar.

The South Side police department offered On the PULSE a behind the scenes look at one such training, allowing us to film a number of scenarios meant to keep the officers up to date on best tactics on the job. 

The borough officers worked through simulations ranging from an active shooter, to room clearing and dealing with a suicidal person. 

“Some of you will get shot,” Samar said to the officers. “The reason we do simunitions training is to add stress to it.” 

During the full day of training, instructors ran their fellow officers through a series of planned mock exercises and a few friends of the department agreed to be actors in the scenarios.

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