Poems of a Recovering Addict: The true me

I spent my whole life trying to run away from my feelings, my reality and myself. I buried these things somewhere deep inside of myself so that I couldn’t feel or see them anymore. I completely lost myself. By choice I did this, because it seemed easier than to face myself, my feelings or my reality. 

Since being sober, my program of recovery has taught me how to do things even though I am afraid. It has taught me that my fear has been nothing but a lie, that it was not protecting me from anything but instead prohibiting me from growing and keeping me from doing things that would affect me positively. 

I no longer feel alone. I have found a fellowship of people that understand me in ways that no one else can. I am surrounded by a family of recovering alcoholics and addicts who have taught me a new way of living. I am blessed today to no longer feel the way I did while I wrote this poem. 

The true me

Has been buried deep

Hidden away

And only I have the key

Entrapped by fear

Allowing no one

To set me free

Knowing to never

Let my feelings be seen

The outcome will always be

Just me