Poems of a Recovering Addict: Missing I am, the leaves

I wrote this poem to my boyfriend the last time I was sent to jail for yet another probation violation after giving a “hot” urine. 

I was so powerless over drugs and alcohol I couldn’t stop. It is amazing that I am now free to enjoy these little things such as fall approaching, the colorful trees, and spending time with loved ones – things that I took for granted my whole addiction. 

As long as I continue to work my program and trust God, I won’t ever have to sit in jail and miss these things again! It’s truly amazing! Sobriety is a gift! 

Missing I am, the leaves

As they change 

To match the lovely color

Of your hair

Missing I am, your arm around me

As we walk through

The crisp fall air 

Missing the trees, evergreen 

Your favorite

And missing the green color 

In your eyes

Missing the lips

That when they took me

I couldn’t even kiss goodbye