A local trainer’s fitness journey through a pandemic

Faced with a financial crisis, loss of work and an inability to go to the gym, Steven Kurtz was faced with many of the same issues that plagued the world in 2020. 

As the region slipped into isolations and sedentary routines, Kurtz knew that after TLC Fitness temporarily closed and his wife lost her job, they were headed for financial crisis. But support from family and friends turned what could have been a disaster into a year of great person and business growth. 

“I think fitness is important now more than ever, especially with the pandemic,” Kurtz said. 

Kurtz began sending virtual workout routines to his clients and even though they weren’t able to come to the gym accountability had never been more important. 

But Kurtz wasn’t only helping others with their workout routines, he was getting help from someone else as well. 

Seth Feroce, owner of Axe and Sledge Supplements, launched the 2021 HWMF Transformation Challenge, an eight-week body-building challenge that finished on April 10. 

According to it’s website, the goal of the challenges is “to help push you to make some incredible physical and mental changes in your life. Get out of your comfort zone and do something challenging!” 

For eight weeks, Kurtz dedicated over three hours a day to getting shredded. The virtual competition brought in people from across the country who dedicated themselves to body building and sculpting their bodies. 

A $10,000 prize is on the line, and Kurtz will find out at the end of the month if he has made it to the finals in Pittsburg. 

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are surrounded by the right energy, the right people,” Kurtz said. 


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