Williamsport grad has insane scootering skills

It didn’t take long for Jack Beattie to fall in love with scootering when he first found the unique sport.

“Pushing myself to the limits is always something I’ve done with my siblings and friends,” Beattie said. 

A recent Williamsport Area High School graduate, Beattie, 18, finds more than just extreme tricks at the city skatepark. Scootering offers a chance to relax and unwind when the stresses of the day continue to mount. 

Scootering is relatively new to the skatepark. The sport was first founded in 1999 and grew in popularity, eventually becoming a worldwide phenomenon by 2011. 

“You can push yourself so much more than just what a little kids town can do,” Beattie said. “If you’re doing it right it’s very dangerous to do…. It’s not easy by any means.” 

When Beattie found scootering he fell in love immediately. He dedicated himself to becoming better, and constlatly pushing himself. 

“I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be today,” Beattie said. “Those kinds of things pay off in the end.”


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