Poems of a Recovering Addict: Leaving me feeling haunted

Eventually my drinking and using no longer masked the pain, guilt and shame I was trying to hide from. Thankfully I have found a way of life that allows me to no longer feel haunted by my past. 

I have begun to face the mistakes I made, the relationships I have damaged, and all the negative emotions I’ve run from my whole life. Slowly making amends to those I have harmed, continuing to do the next right thing, and not using no matter what, I have become thankful of the lessons my past has taught me instead of being ashamed. 

This poem no longer stands true for me, though at the time of me writing this it was absolute. I was so haunted from my own mistakes. So disappointed in who I had become that I was drinking and using solely to escape myself. Thank God I no longer have to live that way! 

“Forever present

Are my past demons

Unwilling to let me be

For unknown reasons

They always come back knocking

Along with the skeletons 

In my closet

To ensure 

They’re not forgotten

Forever present

To leave me feeling haunted.”