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We believe that to truly be a community news source, we need the support of our community. If you want well-researched, fact-driven, quality news, partner with us to bring you local reporting that makes a difference. Look below for a list of projects in need of support.

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Video History Series


We can't forget our roots. Keeping the community's unique historic moments alive is what On the PULSE will do with this video series. Beginning with a package of six videos, the series will run over six months.

With your help, we will choose six unique historic highlights from the region to feature. 

Budget goal: $5,000


Elder Abuse


Elderly Individuals in Lycoming County, and throughout the country, often are abused and taken advantage of because of their feable state. The county has developed a task force to deal with the problem. 

On the PULSE wants to perform an investigation to discover the scope of the issue.

Budget goal: $500


Sex Trafficking


Victims of sex trafficking, often beginning as children, are living through hell every day. 

Lycoming County is not immune to both pass-through and domestic sex trafficking. Through this project, the team at On the PULSE, will determine the depth of the local impact and what is being done to help the victims. 

Budget goal: $5,000


The door into and out of prison is often referred to as revolving – bringing inmates in and out on such a recurring basis that breaking free from a life of incarceration can seem almost impossible.

Through this feature, On the PULSE will interview current and former members of the criminal justice system. We will look at the struggles of reentering the community and determine why over 75% of inmates will be rearrested within three years of their release.


The thought of children entering a life of crime is heartbreaking, but a harsh reality for many of our community's youth.

This feature seeks to look at the world many area youth call reality, whether through their own choices or those of parents, guardians or friends.

Only by fully understanding this world, can the community offer support and help break the cycle of crime before it begins.

Partner Benefits

Whether you donate $5 or $100 dollars, you will be a partner with On the PULSE on this project. We will send you updates along the way and give you an early copy of the finished product. Thanks for partnering with On the PULSE!

Reader Supported Work

‘Fix the sidewalks’: A woman’s battle for access in Williamsport

By Anne Reiner | August 22, 2020

Gretchen Kennedy has never been afraid to speak her mind.  After years of working with people with disabilities, Kennedy retired. Eventually she needed surgery in both knees. It became difficult for her to walk, or stand for a long time.  Now, Kennedy travels around Williamsport primarily on her scooter. From her apartment on West Fourth…

‘They’re rebuilding their lives’: A look at the world of probation

By Anne Reiner | July 31, 2020

As an adult probation officer, Sara Johns often meets people during the worst period of their lives.    “They are rebuilding their lives. When you’re arrested for something, no matter what it’s a traumatic event for them,” Johns said. “Once they get through the legal system they have us to rely on, fall back on, until…

‘Don’t give up’: Local grad’s journey toward success

By Anne Reiner | June 19, 2020

Yard signs shouting “Congrats Grad!” are stuck in the ground outside Desean Robinson’s Williamsport housing unit that he shares with his mother.  It’s one of only a few hints of Robinson’s graduation party from the night before, marking the end of years of hard work, some mistakes and his fight against depression.  The 18-year-old grad…

Black lives in Williamsport: ‘Come alongside them’

By Anne Reiner | June 5, 2020

In 1991, Regis Bingham sat in front of his TV watching a video of the beating of Rodney King, a 25-year-old black man, by four Los Angeles police officers.  The four officers were arrested and accused of using excessive force, as well as assault with a deadly weapon. All four were acquitted at trial –…