The World of Reentry

The door into and out of prison is often referred to as revolving – bringing inmates in and out on such a recurring basis that breaking free from a life of incarceration can seem almost impossible.

Through this feature, On the PULSE interviews current and former members of the criminal justice system. We look at the struggles of reentering the community and determine why over 75% of inmates are rearrested within three years of their release.

Many offenders unable to get out of criminal justice system, some programs offer solutions

By Anne Reiner | August 6, 2021

Leaving the criminal justice system is not as simple as walking out the prison door. The first weeks are crucial and studies show that the majority of people who return to prison do so on either a parole or probation violation within the first one to three years of freedom.  “In Pennsylvania, what we are…

‘Control of my own world’: Finding a fresh start beyond a world of crime

By Becky Lock | July 28, 2021

Marijuana. Alcohol. Painkillers. Partying. “I just thought it was cool,” Chad Ling says. “I was a fool.” The Williamsport man has spent many of his 32 years firmly addicted to illegal drugs and bad choices. A counselor at the Centre County Jail where Ling had landed nearly three years ago set him on a new…

Finding redemption: Business owner seeks path forward after 10 years in prison

By On the PULSE | July 16, 2021

When Abdul-Malik Walker was released from his 10-year prison stay, his mother gave him six months to live with her before he had to have a job and move into his own place.  Five months later, Walker had his first job and, in one year, he started his own business.  “When I was younger ……

World of Reentry: The reality of growing into a life of crime

By On the PULSE | July 6, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the past six months, On the PULSE has been exploring the World of Reentry in Lycoming County and across the country. Through this series we will explore the criminal justice system through the eyes of participants who have spent years trying to get out of it. Some succeed, while others meet roadblocks…

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