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City Hall renovations: Motion of contempt filed against Williamsport

By Anne Reiner | July 14, 2021

A motion of contempt has been filed against the City of Williamsport for its alleged failure to meet requirements laid out in the court’s accessibility consent decree, which was ordered in March.  The motion was filed on July 6 by the Center for Independent Living of North Central Pennsylvania, Adapt, Thomas Grieco, Tima Cummings, Jay…

“It’s a gift”: A blind man’s journey to overcome limitations

By Anne Reiner | February 19, 2021

For someone who has been blind from birth, describing what it’s like is hard.  Charles “Dick” Bressler, long-time Lewisburg resident and music shop owner, has never let his visual impairment hold him back.  “I don’t see things in the detail that you do. When I look at you, I can’t see anything about your face,…

‘Long overdue’: City, advocacy groups reach settlement agreement for City Hall upgrades

By Anne Reiner | February 12, 2021

The City of Williamsport and local advocacy groups have reached a settlement agreement which includes a $55,000 payout and upgrades to make City Hall accessible to individuals with disabilities.  The settlement agreement, which was approved by both the City of Williamsport and the Center for Independent Living of North Central Pennsylvania, is one of the…

‘We’re talking about a person’: The failing public access for people with disabilities

By Allison Lax | December 19, 2020

Just over 30 years since the passage of the American’s with Disabilities Act, advocates say Lycoming County still has a long way to go in providing access to all of its residents.  The halting process of ADA compliance has not progressed fast enough for over 10% of individuals in the county with disabilities, and increased…

More than the disability: Woman’s dream to empower others

By Anne Reiner | September 19, 2020

After a lifetime of living with the effects of polio, Chris Tsai works hard to keep her disability from defining her life.  “People with disabilities do need to be empowered…. To be successful, you have to look at a person in all aspects,” Tsai said. “A lot of times it’s that perception that can make…

‘Fix the sidewalks’: A woman’s battle for access in Williamsport

By Anne Reiner | August 22, 2020

Gretchen Kennedy has never been afraid to speak her mind.  After years of working with people with disabilities, Kennedy retired. Eventually she needed surgery in both knees. It became difficult for her to walk, or stand for a long time.  Now, Kennedy travels around Williamsport primarily on her scooter. From her apartment on West Fourth…