Kids in Crime

Breaking the Cycle

Children entering a life of crime is heartbreaking, but a harsh reality for many of our community's youth. This project highlights the world many children call reality, whether through their own choices or those of their parents, guardians or friends. This project was funded in part by our readers. 

‘Guns were always around’: The harsh reality of kids in a life of crime

By Anne Reiner | September 3, 2021

Austin White was nine years old the first time he was charged with a crime.  Sitting on a park picnic table with his sister, the two children colored on the table top, which already was covered from top to bottom with graffiti. White, now 20, chuckled as he recalled the police officer reading through the…

Breaking the Cycle: Keeping kids out of a life of crime

By Anne Reiner | October 8, 2021

Anyone listening to the story of Eli Finnerty’s journey into crime will ask, “What could have been done to stop it?”  Hanging out with his friends, sneaking out at night and general rabble-rousing was common when Finnerty was a young child. At age 12, he began smoking marijuana and, when he started high school, his…