Remember the fallen: Williamsport’s Civil War monument to Union soldiers and sailors

By Don Everett Smith Jr. | September 7, 2021

WILLIAMSPORT – Atop the pedestal in front of the old City Hall building on Pine Street is a lone figure dressed in the uniform of a northern soldier. He holds a bugle to his lips to honor those who answered the call from President Abraham Lincoln. It was a call for men to hold a…

Lovers at the gallows: The story of Williamsport’s double hanging

By Anne Reiner | August 30, 2021

At 30 years old, Catherine Miller, of Jersey Shore, had the unfortunate notoriety of being the only woman in Lycoming County to be executed by public hanging. She shared this grisly fate with her lover and partner in crime George Smith. It was the county’s first, and only, double hanging.  The year was 1881 and…

The rise and fall of Native Americans in Lycoming County

By Anne Reiner | October 12, 2020

Throughout history, rivers often are shown as barriers that need to be forded, but for the Native Americans they were highways that brought trade, new tribes and even enemies.  Lycoming County has a rich Native American history. Settlements along the Susquehanna River were common since the first American Indians arrived in the Northcentral, Pennsylvania, region…